The most energy efficient and environmentally friendly filter solutions

With Vado's filters you save energy and reduce your property's carbon footprint. The filters are easily disposable as energy waste. 

Pocket filters

Pocket filters provide superior filtration efficiency.

Panel filters

Panel filters made from high-quality filter materials

Mini pleat

High-quality filters for all mini pleat machines

Compact filters

High quality compact filters


High quality filters for special circumstances

Other filters

A wide range of other filters available, please inquire for more information if needed.

Vado Oy

Vado Oy is a company founded in 2008 that manufactures air filters. The development of the world's best filter material, Nanowave, began in 2012 in collaboration with the global fiber manufacturer Hollingsworth & Wose. Key players from industry, commercial, and office spaces participated in the development process. Our goal was to introduce an environmentally friendly and energy-saving air filter material as an alternative to glassfiber.