Newsec customer story

Vado's long standing customer, Newsec is known as a versatile expert and service provider in the real estate industry beyond Finland's borders. In Newsec's properties, better air filtration is achieved with Vado's NanoWave, as Newsec makes choices in favor of energy efficiency.

Real Estate Manager at Newsec Jarno Aalto manages eight different office buildings. Aalto became familiar with Vado's air filters in his previous role as a property manager.

Newsec requires reliability and commitment to delivery times from its service providers. In this regard, Vado as a filter supplier is uncompromising. 

  • The most important aspect is certainly the delivery time, so that property maintenance activities are not delayed. Property maintenance aims to change the air filters during spring and autumn maintenance and it is crucial that the necessary filters have already been procured and delivered on site, says Jarno Aalto. 

Energy efficiency and responsibility

In his own work, Aalto personally inspects the HVAC systems of properties, but the most important messenger for him is the skilled maintenance staff. Vado's surveying also assess property specific factors affecting ventilation energy efficiency and filter choices. 

  • Vado has provided us with comprehensive information on how different filters impact the efficiency and quality of ventilation systems, Aalto explains.
  • Vado also continuously tests and develops its own filters, involving customers in various development projects.
  • I know that Vado is planning pilot tests for new filter models. I'm very interested in the results regarding energy consumption and indoor air quality. At Newsec, we are happy to conduct research to promote energy efficiency. Ventilation plays its own role in these efforts, Aalto is enthusiastic.
  • Energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint are integral to everything we do at Newsec and we also expect responsible choices from our service providers and suppliers of products.
  • It is an essential part of our procurement guidelines. Suppliers of goods and services are required to commit to reducing their carbon footprint. The procurement manager reviews commitments and backgrounds to ensure that purchases align with our values.
  • I can warmly recommend Vado as a supplier of air filters, says Aalto.

Impressive choices

Newsec is committed to responsible development in the properties it manages. For example, currently the company A step lower -campaign, aimed at significantly reducing energy consumption in Finnish households. 

  • We have received guidance on how to reduce energy consumption in both residential and commercial properties. Ventilation is linked to this, for example, concerning scheduling programs. Machines do not operate at full capacity unnecessarily; instead, power levels are scheduled based on the building's usage or demand. 

Newsec has improved the energy efficiency of property ventilation by updating its machinery.

  • Over the years, significant improvements in energy savings have been achieved in the properties. The starting point naturally varies by location, but we have updated, for example, old direct-drive motors that consume a lot of electricity with new ones. They have been replaced with EC motors and equipped with frequency converters to significantly reduce electricity consumption. Additionally, by monitoring building automation operations closely and addressing issues, substantial savings have been achieved without significant investments.